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Pro. Bernard Nduka

Assistant resident professional

Turned pro: 2003

Nick Name: none

Strength : A master Putter

Pro. David Owoyemi

Resident professional(Head).

Former Nigeria Number one  and a respected member of the national golf professional  community. He has over 30 years of national and international tour experience where he  Represented Nigeria in Major international tournaments  including the Benson & Hedges tournament in Spain and The  German Open amongst others. He also was a three time winner of the West African Masters and Safari tour.

      Furthermore He actively  participated in the redesigning of the Ibadan Golf course and  o golf courses around Nigeria including the PHCN golf course at Kanji and idanre ,ondo state

Turned pro: 1967, Nick name "correct lie"

Strengths : Wherever his ball is on the golf course is a good lie.

Pro. Mondale Daniel

Assistant resident professional

Turned pro: 2003

Nick Name:  “SeSu”

Strength : super accuracy

Pro. Obi Emeka Andrew

Assistant resident professional

Turned pro: 2001

Nick Name : none

Strength : extremely long and accurate drives

Pro. Sanusi Abdul  Afa

Assistant residential professional

Turned pro: 2009

Nick name : “chip to the Hole “

Strength : in depth understanding of the home Golf course

Who Should Take Golf Lessons?

The answer to this question is simple. Any golfer wanting to improve should take golf lessons. While this would include just about every golfer alive, there are several reasons why some golfers should not take golf lessons, and they are: 1) if you don't have the time or the inclination to practice 2) you aren't willing to make the effort to find at least a competent instructor 3) if you don't have patience and an open mind. An open mind is necessary because what you learn may be very different from anything you've worked on before. Patience is necessary because what goes into your head must eventually work its way into your body. In other words, you can learn the concepts relatively quickly, but training your body to do them is an altogether different story. It takes a lot of time practicing and a strong degree of determination.

A special note for those who are beginning golf (and anyone who knows a beginning golfer). As a beginner, you can benefit the most from proper golf instruction and be hurt the most, possibly to the point of forever ruining your golf swing, from improper golf instruction. I can understand wanting to save money by taking cheap golf lessons, especially since you aren't sure if you will ever truly have an interest in golf. Don't do it! Saving a few dollars isn't worth the chance of ruining your golf potential. Keep in mind, it is much easier to learn a good golf swing from the start than it is to improve a bad swing that is fully developed and ingrained.

If you aren't willing to find, and pay for, at least a competent instructor, then don't take any lessons until you're ready to commit to the game. Go to the range and do whatever comes naturally. Do not accept golf swing tips from anyone, including relatives, friends, etc.—they will almost certainly hurt your golf swing, even though they are well intentioned

Pro Mutiu Alabi

Assistant resident professional

Turned pro :2003

Nick Name : “tinkora”

Strength :  Precision Approach